proposal redo on totally biased

The power of the snarky feminist blogosphere has led to another beautiful viral video. And people say this is all for naught!

Last month, one woman thought she was going on Today to promote her nonprofit organization, which helps struggling women of color in the Bronx to start their own businesses… but the moment was cut short when her partner pulled out a ring and turned the segment into a TV proposal. He gave a weird speech about his own life, he popped the question, she accepted, they embraced. Al Roker made some useless commentary and looked disinterested/exhausted. Happily ever after.

But, thank god, Jezebel picked up on the woman’s subtle embarrassment. Dodai Stewart wrote, “As Simone [Jhingoor] realized what was happening, she tried to fix her hair. She had a tight-lipped smile on her face, but she seemed slightly annoyed.” Stewart added, “Post-proposal, the body language between the newly-engaged couple was not good; they were standing pretty far apart from each other.”

In comes Kamau Bell to save the day. The now-infamous couple appeared on last night’s Totally Biased to do a proposal redo– and to give some much-deserved attention to Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation.

Chirag Shah gets down on one knee, looks up at his fiance, and says the words every woman longs to hear: “Simone, since you already know why you’re here, I just have one more question left to ask: Can we spend the rest of our lives together talking about your organization?”

On the video page, astute YouTube commenter “Drrck11” says it best: “I’m touched. lol.” Me too, Drrck. Me too.