Twins Lucy and Anna DeCinque are deeply committed to leading identical lives, and share more than you’d ever expect would be comfortable for two humans. In fact, they essentially share one life, down to every last personal detail.

In a bid to look more like Kim Kardashian, the sisters opted for matching breast augmentation surgeries, which they followed with lip fillers and tattooed-on eyebrows. It’s a little bonkers for one person to commit to such a drastic change (although hey, their bodies are their bodies and they can do what they want with them), but the odds get even less probable when it’s two people. Then again, these women seem big on defying odds.

They don’t live so much as twins but as two arms of the same person–they share a single Facebook account, phone, bed, job, and boyfriend. They don’t get into the logistics of the relationship, but Lucy explains “[w]e have the same taste in everything, so obviously we’re going to like the same boy, too.” They’re employed as elder care workers, although they split the hours and salary on one position. They say they feel each other’s pain, and can’t get any closer.

As a person with sisters, I can attest to a feeling of supernatural closeness that I have trouble explaining. It’s like our brains are one entity split over multiple bodies, and I can think of them sometimes as extensions of myself. So when it comes to feeling each other’s pain, that doesn’t sound crazy to me. I also know that we used to try to hatch plans involving sharing a job so we’d only have to work a fraction of the time, which is really the biggest upside of passing for another human being. I draw the line at sharing lives completely, but hey, if it works for them, fantastic. I just don’t really want to think too much about the shared bed and shared boyfriend.

Photo: The Shining