Sometimes, I wish people would stop putting their crazy proposals on the Internet (it makes it seem like that’s the only reason to have done a wild one in the first place!). I mean, what ever happened to simply keeping that shit private or — if romantic comedies are any indication — doing it semi-obnoxiously at a dinner party that is being held for the movie’s protagonist? But, y’know, the times are a-changin’ and I admittedly do love seeing happy people do cute things that make one another smile, so I s’pose the strange proposals are simply something I’ll get used to.

And when it comes to these odd proposals, the Internet has kind of seen them all. From flash mobs to billboards, concerts to marquis, scavenger hunts to faking your own death (dick move, dude). And remember that guy a while back who made a movie trailer out of his relationship in order to ask his girlfriend to marry him? Well, this next guy did something extremely similar…but also extremely extreme.

I am a huge fan of horror movies, so I found this to be one of my favorite odd ways to pop the question. The fellow from Poland who created it used footage from The Bourne UltimatumThe Grey and Essential Killing to make a super-scary trailer which apparently freaked out his girlfriend enough to make her hide behind her hands until he came in, ring in hand.

Anyway, I think it’s been a rough week for a lot of people, so I figured I’d share something rather sweet to start off Thursday morning.

Pretty adorable (well, sort of), right? Take note, future weird guys I date: if you’re going to do some sort of crazy grand gesture involving a proposal, it had better involve splicing together creepy trailers and holding my photo in the dead of winter while dreadful music plays. But don’t you dare put it on the Internet.

[via Mashable]