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Hey bitches, ready to talk about relationships (or a lack thereof)? This week on Upfront With Mari, our favorite office manager has got some wise words regarding singledom. Reader Sarah, who’s been out of relationships for a while, asked, “How do you deal with being single?”

Whether you just got out of a longterm relationship, have encountered a couple bad matches or have simply kissed too many frogs, dating can be a tough game to stay in. As many of us know, sometimes taking a break from love can be great (and very necessary); other times, it can seem less like a break and more like an unpleasant getaway that never seems to end.

Luckily, your host Mari has some experience with going from being in a serious relationship to enjoying her single life, and she wants you to have that same feeling of happiness, too. Not only does she reveal personal reasons as to why she is totally enamored with being single, she also has some advice for those who aren’t having the easiest time with it. Plus, her future plans — way, way future plans — on where she’s going to meet her next romance buddy (hint: it’s not the Internet).

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