04 Mari V DayHoly crap. How is Valentine’s Day less than a week away? I’m pretty sure I’m still recovering from my New Year’s hangover. Though, I do enjoy eating chocolates when hungover, so perhaps this is a good thing.

Well in her typical hilarious fashion, Mari is here to explain why Valentine’s Day sucks, especially for an office manager. “Flower delivery, bitches.” She also tells us about the time she got a giant teddy bear from a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. (Tangentially, why do guys think that a teddy bear is an acceptable gift for their sexual partner? Teddies, perhaps. Teddy bears, no. Though I guess a giant teddy bear would be better than this.)

Anyway, check out the video. And tell us what you’d like to hear Mari talk about in future videos. I want to hear more about her amazing nails, but as you know she’s got an interesting perspective on pretty much everything.

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