This my collection of Instagram photos that sum up "Chatel," for dating purposes. Obvs.

This is my collection of Instagram photos that sum up “Chatel,” for dating purposes. Obvs.

Never underestimate a single person who’s looking for love. Once they put their mind to it, they can do anything! Climb mountains! Build model airplanes! Eat 50 eggs! Anything.

Proof of this can be found in Molly Erman‘s piece for New York Magazine entitled “How I Turned Instagram Into A Dating Service.” Although, “dating service” is a bit of a stretch, she has scored dates for herself and her co-worker from the photos she’s posted on Instagram and by following those with interesting enough pictures that prompted her to take the step and ask someone out for coffee. (Apparently, a “candlelit photo of Roberta’s pizza” will do that, for those paying attention.)

Ridiculous? Sad? Genius?

It does make sense in a lot of ways. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, you’re getting an inside look into who a person really is or, worst case scenario, the person they’d like to be. However, that could be the situation with any form of social media or online forum. I think the difference is that with Instagram, you’re seeing how a person lives, their likes and dislikes, and they get to see the same about you. It’s not done through links or status updates, but photos; there’s something really romantic about the concept. You also get to see someone’s attention to detail (which I think is important.) Are they posting pictures of whatever shit they find on the street, or are they actually taking the time to craft a wordless image that defines them in some way? I had never thought of Instagram as a means to score dates, but I’m starting to reconsider it.

As Erman convincingly explains:

So Instagram yielded two of the most interesting, decent guys I’ve recently met. Maybe it’s not surprising: This simple photo stream is an intimate (albeit edited) record of our lives — a roadmap, and at best, a humorous, even sexy one. It conveys a surprising amount of information: your neighborhood and surroundings, preferred alcohol, favorite locales, an exhaustive picture of your dining habits, whether you have a sense of humor at all, the general attractiveness of your friends, the overall creepiness of your point of view.

I have to say, I’m almost entirely sold on the concept. I’m not exactly one to do the online dating thing — absolutely not my scene — nor am I about to have some witty banter with a friend’s friend on Facebook. Again, that’s just not my thing. Twitter, er, outside of male musicians, I don’t really follow many of men. So, maybe Instagram is my “in” to finding the love of my life? Maybe?

I have to say, my friend Damien posts a lot of photos of mini-donkeys on his Instagram, and every time he does, I wonder if I could fall in love with him. It might be a start to my “Instagram equals love” days. Maybe.