It’s a well-proven fact that a capella groups, and the college men that sing in them, are basically the corniest things that have ever worn matching outfits and lifted their voices in harmony. But it’s like, the kind of corny that you love and crave, the kind of corny that’s so bad it’s good, like circus peanuts or Hart of Dixie or that scene in Notting Hill when Julia Roberts says she’s just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.

Hence, it’s the kind of corny that’s absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day. Take a look at Vocal Point, an a capella group at BYU in Utah, performing some sneak-attack romantic a capella songs for the women on their campus with the help of YouTuber Stuart Edge. It’s guaranteed to melt your stony, V-Day hating heart. And if you actually like Valentine’s Day, you’re basically going to be a puddle by the end of this.

[youtube_iframe id=”FBpMIbcJkz0″]

It’s adorable. A little bit creepy, but adorable. Ok, here and there it’s a lot creepy—I keep jumping whenever the girls they’re singing to jump in surprise—but it melts my heart to see the women realize what’s going on, receive their flowers and smile. As cheesy as it is, you can tell the singers are definitely brightening the days of these women. And who would turn down flowers accompanied by a serenade? I would not. I could not!