Valentine's Day Tina Fey(GIF: Reaction GIFs)

Yup, today is that day. February 14th, aka Valentine’s Day, aka the most annoying day for single people. If you don’t have a partner, SO, Tinder date or whatever other sickening nickname couples are calling each other these days, the holiday can make you feel left out. When you are single on Valentine’s Day, you go through a lot of different emotions. Everywhere you go its couples, cuteness and chocolate and it can be a bit much when you are a single trying to go about your daily routine.

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These are the emotions that every single person goes through on Valentine’s Day:

1. Dreadful Valentine's Day Chuck

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Argh. It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s the day where couples like to rub in how in love they are. It’s all share menus for two people and proclamations of love everywhere you look. You feel a bit sick just thinking about it. Perhaps you will just spend the day in bed so you do not have to see people being all mushy everywhere you look. Ick.

2. PuzzledValentien's Day ROance

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Why isn’t there a holiday for single people? If the couples get their own holiday, isn’t it only fair that the single people get a day too? Then the couples can see what it is like to be excluded. Single peeps do not need a SO to buy them gifts, they can get their own darn gifts, thank you very much.

3. OptimisticValentine's Day Hope

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Maybe today won’t really be that bad. Valentine’s Day may not be that crappy of a holiday after all. Perhaps it has just gotten a bad rap because of all the Valentine’s Day-themed TV show episodes that complain about it or because all the stores make it sickening. At the very least, today is the holiday so tomorrow it will be over an done with.

4. ExasperatedValentine's Day Couples

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Come on, you do not need to pretend to be surprised that you are getting flowers today if you are in a relationship. You know you are getting flowers, along with a huge box of chocolates and some ill-fitting lingerie. The only people who should be surprised about getting flowers today is the single people who get them from secret admirers. And we all know that never really happens on Valentine’s Day.

5. ConfusedValentine's Day

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Why do companies think that just because it is Valentine’s Day that it means that it is acceptable for literally everything to be remade into a heart shape? Do we really need wooden spools shaped like hearts? Is that even remotely romantic? Even if you stick a red ribbon on it, it is still just a spoon.

6. Sickened Valentine's Day Barf

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No one needs to see all that. If someone would have the stomach to take a photo of you right now and showed you what you looked like, even you would feel a bit queasy. Just because you are a couple, it doesn’t mean that everything you do it cute. That definitely is not.

7. EntertainedValentie's Day Look

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How could you forget that one of the best things about Valentine’s Day is watching the unprepared people scramble into the stores to get something before their dinner date in 10 minutes? You love watching them panic like a kid who forget they had a math test. You could sit on a mall bench and watch them all day. It’s better than TV.

8. ExcitedValentine's Day Yay

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What’s this? Half price Valentine’s Day chocolate?! Hooray! You were just going to get your regular chocolate bar, but now you can get tons more chocolaet because it is discounted. And isn’t there that Bridget Jones marathon on later? Tonight just got really good. You should call up your single friends, order sushi and have a Galentine’s Day.