Police car Valentine's Day story

For this Valentine’s Day, we want you to share your weirdest, worst and most WTF moments from V’days past. We’ll post them through Valentine’s Day, then have readers vote on whose story is the best (well, best-worst) and the winner will receive an amazing Pacifica prize pack. For contest guidelines and details on the prize, click here! You can read all the entries here.

Last Valentine’s Day was the worst one I have ever lived through.

At the time, I was casually dating this one guy who didn’t believe in Valentine’s Day and happened to be working that night. I, on the other hand, wanted to do something on Valentine’s Day, so I asked a few friends in my college program if they wanted to come with me to a Valentine’s Day Swing Dance at my college.

That night, I got ready and looked great. I get to the swing dance and none of my friends showed up! So I’m there for about two hours, my twin brother and his girlfriend showed up and tried to make me feel better. I ended up leaving an hour early and was pretty upset. I drove around my town for a while before getting to downtown and going to a taco place. I Skyped with the guy I was casually dating and naturally, he was no help. He didn’t even want to be seen out on Valentine’s.

As I’m leaving the parking lot, I didn’t see the sign that said “one way” and ended up going down the wrong side of a road. I hadn’t even gone five yards when I saw the police lights go on in front of me. The cop pulls me over and gives me a stern talking to and lets me go without a ticket. I managed to get home and finally end that night in peace. Of course, two months later the guy I was casually dating dumped me via Facebook and in the end, it’s that he did. Had he not, I wouldn’t be able to spend this Valentine’s Day with the now-love of my life.