For this Valentine’s Day, we asked you to share your weirdest, worst and most WTF moments from V’days past. We’ll post them through Valentine’s Day, then have readers vote on whose story is the best (well, best-worst) and the winner will receive an amazing Pacifica prize pack. For contest guidelines and details on the prize, click here! You can read all the entries here.

Freshman year of college can be a weird time: both completely thrilling and surprisingly lonely. At eighteen years old I had never had a boyfriend, and I was particularly aware of this fact on Valentine’s Day. It seemed like everyone I knew was in a relationship, or at least had some sort of love interest. It’s safe to say I was pretty miserable all day.

That afternoon, I received an email saying that a package had arrived for me. I practically galloped down the stairs with excitement, expecting chocolates from my grandfather or flowers from my parents. Maybe even a special something from a secret admirer? The closer I got the more delusional I became. There was a long line—probably about ten people in front of me. All girls. Every single one was getting huge boxes of flowers from people who loved them, and I didn’t think it was crazy to expect the same.

When I finally reached the front of the line, I handed over my ID card and signed my name next to the size of my package: small. Not a good sign. But maybe chocolate? Jewelry? I was getting pretty crazy at this point.

I took my tiny, rectangular box and hurried back up to my room. Fumbling for the edge, I ripped open the box and inside was another box. Of tissues.

It turns out my wonderful, well meaning friend Katie stumbled upon a Kleenex promotion online and decided to send me a free sample of tissues. It was purely bad luck that it arrived on Valentine’s Day. After wallowing in my own misfortune for more time than I’d like to admit, I decided that this was one of the funniest things that had ever happened to me.

While I did not use the tissues to wipe tear-streaked mascara off my face, they did come in handy the next week when I caught a cold. I hate February.