People like to get married all sorts of crazy places, don’t they? Under water, in an airplane, and even at a goddamn Taco Bell. Now, in addition to these various exotic locales, one fitness obsessed couple has decided to get married while running in the New York City marathon.

While this probably won’t seem all that romantic to many (all I can think of when I watch this video is how much I hate running and how glad I am I’m no longer forced to do so), the sport is actually quite integral to this couple’s relationship. Apparently, newlyweds Mary and Raymond Donaldson met through running and like to run together, so they thought it would be cool to get married while participating in that ultimate race, the NYC marathon. Mazel tov to the happy couple, who both successfully completed the 26 mile course. Now if you will excuse me, just reading about this thing on the Internet is making me feel like I need to go lie down for a while.

(Via Gothamist)