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Two residents of Bakersfield, CA caused quite a stir last week when they performed the world’s first-ever act of mid-skydive coitus (that we know of). Porn actor and weekend skydiving instructor Alex Torres (porn name: Voodoo) decided it would be pretty impressive if he and Skydive Taft receptionist Hope Howell had sex while hurtling through the air at 120 mph, and you know what? He was right. The NSFW video is over at Buzzfeed (and you should watch it because it is the craziness), but basically, they strapped themselves together and started going at it in the plane, then jumped out and continued to get it on mid air. I’m way too much of a scaredy cat to ever try skydiving, let alone skyfucking, myself, but I have to admit it looks like fun.

Unfortunately for our two sky lovers, the skydiving school got irrationally pissed off at them, and Torres has been fired. (They haven’t decided what to do with Hope “this girl is craaaazy!” Howell yet.) [tagbox tag=”pornography”]Furthermore, the Taft police department and the FAA are currently looking into whether any federal regulations were violated. According to The Sacramento Bee, “FAA spokesman Ian Gregor says any activity that could distract the pilot while he’s flying could be a violation of federal regulations.” Then again, the pilot looked very focused in the video, only glancing over at his randy passengers once or twice, so they didn’t seem to constitute any more danger than anyone who chats with the pilot.

Personally, I think the only thing wrong with what they did was setting it to Katy Perry’s ‘”E.T. (Futuristic Lover),” because that song sucks. According to a rule I just made up, sky sex should be had to heavy metal only.