Attention, horny NPR listeners! Have you ever wondered what a sex tape featuring Ira Glass and Terry Gross would sound like? Or is it just me? Oh dear. Well, in that case, the Ira Glass sex tape you never asked for is here, but you should seriously listen to it anyway. In this brilliant audio piece (with accompanying slideshow!), an Ira Glass impersonator delivers a fake NPR segment on his quest to change his image with the perfect sex tape, and the writing and nasal voice are so spot on it’s creepy. Ira Glass thinks so, too.

Via The Village Voice:

I’ve listened to about three minutes of it. His imitation of my writing and delivery are so dead-on, it was hard to keep listening and I stopped. If I had to articulate why, I think it was because hearing his version of me, made what I do on the air seem kind of dumb. And the impersonation was so good, I couldn’t really pick a fight with it. So I had to decide, do I want to see myself as kind of trite and dumb? Seemed better to stop. Maybe I’ll go back sometime.

Aaaw, Ira. Don’t you know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? And you just know the guy has listened to hours and hours of your show to be able to imitate your vocal cadences like that. Anyway, here is the Ira Glass fake sex tape. Enjoy.

(Via Runnin’ Scared)