Last night I attended a press screening of Vice‘s new online TV series Slutever where I got to watch four whole episodes. And what fine episodes they were! Created by sex blogger Karley Sciortino, the show explores love and sex (but mostly sex) from the P.O.V. of Karley’s onscreen persona, who reads to me as a hilarious, unpretentious, faux-naive, open-minded Brooklyn babe-next-door with a kinky streak who is just looking for love.

Each episode opens with a parody of Sex And The City‘s opening sequence, which makes me giggle extra now that I’ve seen some of the very un-Sarah Jessica Parker subjects that Karley has covered. The first episode keeps it fairly tame, with Karley poking a bit of fun at the dating advice of her own mother and a Manhattan dating coach. It’s especially amusing to watch the dating coach maintain perfect composure as the blonde Borat tells her: “I tend to like guys that are just really skinny, kind of sickly looking, and sometimes I’m into guys that are disabled. Like, crazy mentally and physically handicapped freaks.” GIRL, I have been there. Later episodes show Karley interacting IRL with her online financial slave, a pee-drinking cross dresser, and a Facebook sex cult leader named Crunc Tesla. And she doesn’t just talk the talk, but walk it; among other things, we get to see her have her first dom sesh and make a guy a urine cocktail, which he drinks down like it’s champagne. OMG! My favorite part, though, is definitely when she tells her slave to “smile with your eyes,” because you just know somewhere Tyra‘s whole person is twitching.

Conceptually, it’s an interesting mix of gonzo journalism, documentary, and scripted material, which is a nice break from all the straightforward doc stuff that Vice has been doing. Like a lot of Vice‘s material, it’s totally possible to come away from it going “ha ha, look at those freaks, glad I’m not them” if you’re an asshole, but despite the more put-on aspects of her performance, Karley seems to have genuine empathy for her subjects, maybe because she herself is one of them. Despite the fact that it recalls Vice‘s weirdo, IDGAF roots, I’m not sure this show could have existed back in the Gavin McInnes days, because Karley seems like just the kind of curious, self-possessed, and unabashedly “slutty” woman that he would have loved to shit all over (figuratively, I mean). This is not to say that Vice has no lingering traces of misogyny, but he was certainly the worst offender.

Is it a coincidence that the first series produced “for girls, by girls” that the 5-year-old online TV channel has let into its boys’ club just happens to be about sex? Hells no. But I’d be a huge hypocrite if I criticized girls for writing about stereotypically “girly” topics, because I write about those topics, too. Sex is fucking interesting! It’s a huge part of being a human! And if there’s anything I want to know about, it’s the weird shit I don’t know about yet, so props to her for finding such off the wall subjects. Although I haven’t really been paying attention to Vice lately, I’m totes going to watch this show. I might even try out some of the things I learn.