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Did you know some parents are letting their kids have S-E-X at home? Hard hitting journalist Elisabeth Hasselbeck reported on this phenomenon on today’s “Good Morning America,” sitting down with various parents and teens to discuss whether or not this is a good idea. I don’t know about you, but I cracked up in the first thirty seconds when the camera zoomed in on the kid’s picture right as Elisabeth was saying “…she told her her 18-year-old son that if he wants to have sex, she’s not only okay with the idea, she’d prefer he do it in the family home.” Look at that kid and all the nasty thoughts he is having. LOOK AT HIM:

This screenshot will haunt him for the rest of his life. Sorry, dude. UPDATE: THEY END ON IT, TOO. I JUST CAN’T.

Anyway. The pro-sex-at-home parents’ stated reasons for allowing sex under their roofs include “it’s clean,” “that’s where they keep condoms,” and “it’s an environment they’re familiar with as opposed to a motel, a car, a park, or wherever they’re doing it these days. [winky face]” Another mom (whose daughter for some reason asked not to be shown) said she was cool with her daughter’s BF sleeping over “because of the relationship she was in, because of the teenager that she is.” Whatever, Cool Mom. Or should I call you Heidi Fleiss?

The teens Elisabeth talked to were “both intrigued and horrified” at the idea, sensing, as all smart teens should, that it may very well be a trap. “I just think it’s awkward,” said one teen of the idea of gettin’ her freak on with mom a few rooms away. Indeed. To this day, I can’t think of anything more disgusting than having my parents know anything about my sex life, or vice versa. It just ain’t right!

In addition to being sort of creepy, there is also the idea that they’re taking away one of teenhood’s greatest pleasures: sneaky, uncomfortable, slightly frightened car/roof/park sex. Also: illicit activity in general. If nothing is forbidden any longer, what’s the point of doing any of it? Oh yeah, because sex and drugs are really, really fun. Nevermind.

Then there is the argument that it would make it harder for girls who want to wait say no to their boyfriends, but I think the New Age-y kinds of parents who let their kids have sex in the house would also be the kind to teach their kids to speak up about what they want and what they don’t want. What do you think?