Just a few days after the Youtube clip of their short promo went viral, TLC (the “L” stands for “Look at these freaks”) has released a longer trailer for their new show The Virgin Diaries. If you were hoping the show would depict adult virgins as normal, mature, well-adjusted people, you’re going to have to hope a little harder.

As you can see in the video above, the clip shows the infamously terrible kissers playing on a seesaw as they discuss the details of their wedding night:

WOMAN: I think that you should take a shower first, and then I’ll take a shower. Then I’ll put on my lingerie. Then I’ll come into the room.
MAN: And I’ll have a surprise waiting for you!
WOMAN: But I’ll have a surprise waiting for you and we’ll have our robes on and we’ll slowly take our robes off and then do foreplay and then have sex!

This is all intercut with suggestive footage of them playing on the seesaw. Is TLC trying to make me think all adult virgins are giant children? Because it’s working. I’m trying really hard not to judge them for their lifestyle choices, but it’s viscerally disturbing for me to hear people in their thirties talk about sex like they’re still in high school, and I have to wonder if they’re a bit developmentally delayed, either due to disability, or the repressive culture in which they were raised. This clip gave me a few guilty chuckles, but more than that, it made me mildly uneasy. Is TLC exploiting these people?

On the one hand, I’d like to see adult virgins portrayed in a more “they’re just like us!” kind of way. Surely there are some out there who do not come off so…laggardly? On the other hand, the couple in the clip is composed of real people, and their story is a true one. I do not doubt that some (not all, and not even most, but some!) adult virgins actually are developmentally delayed, and their stories are valid, too. But I’m still not confident TLC is going to treat them with respect. Basically, these kids seem pretty naive, and I’m not sure they fully understood that they were signing up for Youtube infamy when they agreed to be on the show.

(Via Jezebel)