As part of TLC’s ongoing efforts to entertain us with various types of freakshows couched in “learning,” they’re introducing a new program called The Virgin Diaries to the roster. In it, the increasingly voyeuristic network promises to explore the lives of adult virgins who, whether due to developmental slowness or religious wingnuttery, delay their first time until they’re way too old for it to not be weird. Or, as TLC’s website puts it:

Whether by choice or circumstance, many have yet to experience one of life’s most intimate milestones: sex. Virgin Diaries takes you inside the lives of adult virgins who reveal the challenges, truths, and anticipations of losing their virginity.

The show’s first promo hit the Internet today, and it sets the tone for the show: a combination of horror, hilarity, guilt over finding it hilarious, and ultimately, compassion more hilarity. While many devout Christian couples think it’s okay to at least make out before tying the knot, these kids have taken abstinence to the extreme, and their first kiss occurs on their wedding day, in front of tons of people. The way they gnaw at one another’s faces is…I’m trying really hard not to be mean, so I’ll say “educational.” I have no doubt the rest of the show will adhere to the same high journalistic standards we see in the promo.

(Via ONTD)