Remember that episode of Mad Men where Pete and Trudy danced and it was amazing? This performance of “Whatever Lola Wants” by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is like that,  except instead of “amazing” it was “extremely uncomfortable to watch.”


Here is what is awkward about this performance: everything. Though I guess specifically the fact that Tom appears to be smirking and hamming it up for everyone in the audience while Katie is just 100% into it. Also, the fact that Katie seems to be taking inspiration from Suri and periodically tossing her skirt up for no apparent reason. It’s cute when toddlers do it. When grown-ups do it you get an awkward crotch shot. And the whole thing – maybe it’s the conservative dress Katie wearing, maybe the fact that it’s taking place at some sort of concert hall – somehow feels like watching your parents try to be sexy on dance floor. Anyhow, thanks for ruining Risky Business for me again, Tom.