elizabeth raine virginity auction

Elizabeth Raine claims to be a 28-year-old medical student with a problem–she has that pesky virginity hanging around her neck and wants to sell it off. Her online auction has been going all month, and the current bid is $550,000, if you’re interested in throwing your hat into the ring. Just mortgage your house and fork over your life savings and you could be the awesome winner at the virginity auction.

To be clear, Raine (it’s an alias) isn’t one of those uggos who couldn’t find a dude to bone her–she was too busy getting bachelor’s degrees in both biology and engineering in preparation for her current MD/PhD program to find time for man hunting. I’m curious to see how high this thing will go.

The terms of the proposed transaction (which will take place in Australia, alowing her to skirt prostitution laws) are as follows:

  • The champion virginity buyer must be clean of all STIs
  • He will wear a condom during the transaction
  • He cannot be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • No butt stuff
  • No women
  • No violence (this seems like a no brainer but I’m glad they’re spelling it out)
  • Kissing is fair game, as is falling in love

That’s right–Raine isn’t ruling out the idea of falling in love entirely, although she admits that its unlikely. Allow me to tell you how unlikely it would be to find love at the end of this: it absolutely will not happen under any circumstances. This is a big world full of unending possibilities, but I can say with absolute certainty that Raine will not find love with the man who pays for the privilege of deflowering her.

While I’ll always be 100% in favor of decriminalizing sex work, I will admit that these virginity auctions always give me a bit of a queasy feeling. Of course, a person’s virginity is his or hers to do what he or she wants with it, but it’s hard not to be a bit put off by the fact that someone’s virginity could bring in half a million dollars. It puts an astounding number on the obsession with female purity, and makes me want to live in a world where virginity isn’t commodified or put on a pedestal.

It’s cringe-worthy to think that someone somewhere is going to shell out serious money for some seriously mediocre sex. I’m not sure how we even begin to determine the price of first time fumbling, but then again, when I think back to my first time, I would say it was worth the price of the midnight movie we saw beforehand and the milkshake we had afterwards. Sounds about right.

Photo: Elizabeth Raine