Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana tweeted the above photo of herself and Rohan Marley (the 39-year-old fourth son of Bob) with the caption, “I’m in love with @Romarley’s heart.” And, apparently, obnoxious filters.

Marley, incidentally, has fathered five children with ’90s superstar Lauryn Hill, who is currently pregnant with their sixth. They’re not married and he insisted to Media Takeout that they’re not together. He also may not be legally divorced from his first wife and his Myspace relationship has always been “single.”

Marley defended his actions but didn’t deny the split from Hill: “Ms. Hill is the mother of my children, whom I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for. I would never do that. […] The nature of our relationship [is] something  we don’t expect people who spread gossip for a living to fully understand.”

So, it does indeed sound terrifically complicated. Hopefully we just don’t have all the information. Let’s just hope people aren’t horrible and just appreciate how great this video is: