In her new memoir, “Real Girl Next Door,” Denise Richards writes about loving and leaving Charlie Sheen. She explains how the two met, then how they got divorced, followed by how Sheen suddenly decided he wanted to live in a “porn house” and started accumulating a stable of adult film actresses to fulfill his fantasy.

You know. The usual.

Anyway, according to the Daily Beast, this is how Richards describes the former couples’ first date:

After flirting heavily on the set of Spin City, Charlie Sheen invited Richards out to dinner as their first date. However, at the last minute he asked her if she wanted to eat dinner at his place so that they could watch the World Series. Instead of ordering out, they each ate their own plastic-wrapped, portion-controlled, low-calorie meals.

So here’s my question: does this sound like the world’s most unromantic first date to you, or is it just me? Something about the phrase “plastic-wrapped, portion-controlled, low-calories meals” makes my vagina dry up on the spot. That is the least sexy thing I’ve ever heard, and I think I would forever associate the man who served me such a meal with self-consciousness and total, sterile inhibition, not to mention the fact that switching the date so you can watch a sporting event (unless you both love sporting events) is a pretty douche-y maneuver.

What do you think?