I made you this because these songs are how I feel about you. I am staring at you from across the room right now. I’m blogging from inside your house. Because I love you.


You can tell this is a video about love because of all the claymation.


As on of the commeners on this video points out “I, Fucking love, Mash potato.”


If you wanted to take us out tonight, we sort of hope you already made reservations someplace, but we could just drive around in your car. Or hit up an Outback Steakhouse.


This song is basically just a tribute to your awesome skills, our wistfulness, stalking.


Yes, in case you were wondering, there was heavy petting going on during the recording session. For real. That could be us.


I’d totally run away with you.


I just really like this song, I have no other justification.


Yes, this one too, Peter Gabriel rocks. He rocks hard.