Fashion likes sex and sex likes fashion. Fashion often uses sex to sell itself; people often use fashion to proverbially sell themselves to sexual partners. So what happens when the two combine with one another? Well, terrible things, for starters. But also good things! Good things that you can wear among the unsuspecting public, such as these wearable sex toys from Crave.

Crave, a company created by Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac, is not your average San Francisco-based startup. The ex-industrial designer for Goody has created a line of what she called ‘foreplay jewelry’ — wearable sex toys. She says she doesn’t really understand the shapes and designs of most sex toys, thus prompting her to create something sleeker and more attractive than the typical dolphin-shaped vibrator with built-in clit-wagging.

“While we have beautifully designed iPhones and laptops, the sex-toy space is so heavily stigmatized that it doesn’t draw a lot of talent,” says Chang. And she’s right — tech companies tend to steer away from sex-related topics and products, and given how male-dominated the industry can be, it’s practically out of the question to imagine any of them doling out money for a project relating to women’s sexual pleasure.

The wearable sex toys Chang and her employees have designed include items that can be discreetly used whenever the time crops up, thus making them appealing to those who like a bit of extra frisky time on-the-go (and also probably some exhibitionists, too). The Droplet (from $109), for instance, is a 43″ that goes around your neck while “tiny quiet motors deliver a subtle but insistent vibration along the leather loops” from the tip of the silver pendant. For those having a tough time imagining, the Droplet looks like this:


I am admittedly a little confused by these products; I, for one, would feel uncomfortable wearing something I use as a sex toy in public. That said, it is a pretty cool necklace and who knows? Maybe this is the future of accessories — functionality plus fashion (well, besides belts, shoes, bags and hats, which already have both…oh, you get what I’m saying). In any case, if you happen to try one of these out, drop me a line and tell me if it’s awesome, weird or just kinda blah.

Photos: Vimeo & Crave.