Gloss editors Jennifer Wright (l) and Ashley Cardiff (r)

Welcome to episode four of our new web series Wed Bed Dead, in which editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff must decide the (potentially very sexy) fate of three chosen bachelors. The show is a live action spin-off of their longrunning and popular games of Fuck Marry Kill here on The Gloss.

This week, they’re discussing three of history’s most handsome men, those standards of cool, steely masculinity: Paul Newman, Marlon Brando and Clint Eastwood. Ahead, they discuss Newman’s inarguable perfection, fawn over Eastwood’s ability to wear a jean jacket and ponder whether or not they should take Last Tango In Paris into consideration. Also, Ashley’s bra is showing the whole time and Jennifer almost gets her eye poked out.

[youtube_iframe id=”KFB2smGsgMU”]

Longtime readers will know that theirs is the most dangerous game.

Thats all for now, folks–tune in every Wednesday at 1:00 for new episodes of Wed Bed Dead… and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.