Gloss editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff discuss the rules of Wed Bed Dead

Remember how we told you we’re launching a YouTube series and it’s going to be really great and you should watch News For Bitches? Well, we’re ALSO launching a series starring your two favorite free associating megalomaniacal Gloss editors, Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff.

Jennifer and Ashley’s spirited games of Fuck Marry Kill are one of The Gloss’ most beloved features. Now, instead of arguing it out in long, boring posts that require robust attention spans, they’ll be playing in video format.

Yes, Fuck Marry Kill… only the bickering and insulting takes place in realtime. You’ll be able to watch as Jennifer argues marrying Darth Vader over Luke and Han (though it won’t make much more sense).

We’ve deemed the show Wed Bed Dead. New episodes will go up every Wednesday.

In the following teaser, our intrepid editors discuss how the game is played:

[youtube_iframe id=”4imVWfbrDVY”]

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