A couple weeks ago, we asked which fetishes you consider “dealbreakers” when it comes to sex. Some of you said pain-related ones, some involved roleplaying, others had to do with Willy Wonka, but all were really interesting to hear about and compile into a neat little list. But let’s turn the tables, shall we? Now we want to hear about the opposite idea: which turn ons you have that could be considered unconventional, odd, or even downright absurd.

Most people have some fetish, kink, or random thing they find really attractive, sometimes for seemingly no reason. Whether it’s wearing fishnets, roleplaying as professor and steamy TA (I clearly watch entirely too much cliche porn), having your back scratched until it’s raw, or being insulted while a lady in a mask uses a strap-on behind you, you’re welcome to have whatever (safe, consensual) kinks you want!

I, for one, have a thing for eye contact, smoking, and having my ears kissed (albeit not all simultaneously). These are fairly mild as far as kinks go, but I still feel a little awkward explaining them to people at first because I am bashful and these are just not fun things to describe to new people.

So, help a girl feel less weird and tell us your favorite turn ons!