I was at at a book party a while ago (it was for this book! Which is a very funny book!) wherein the author recounted her time in Europe, which included stories about “disconcerting sexual encounters with possible sociopaths.” At one point the presenter turned to her husband and said “did any of this shock you?” And her husband stared at him for a second and said “did it shock me… that my wife was not a virgin when we married?” And then everyone in attendance laughed a long hearty laugh.

What I’m saying is we’re at a point – at least in some social circles – where the idea of a woman being a virgin at marriage is a punchline.

Not so in the 1950’s! But in a post-Sex-and-the-City era, if sex is no longer sacred, I think we find new things that are. So we’re going to have an essay each day about what aspects of intimacy still scare people. If you are wondering to yourself “why can’t I write 800 words on why I will never allow my boyfriend to see my feet, am a never-foot-nude?” I just wanted to let you know that you can! On the off chance – I know you’re busy, hiding your feet takes time – that you feel like weighing in and want to contribute an essay on the topic, just shoot me a message at Jennifer [at] thegloss.com.

Thus far:

No, You Can’t Spend The Night