And that age is at least 21 years old. At least according to hotels. A young married couple in California was recently turned away from their hotel on their wedding night because they were only 18 and not old enough to rent a hotel room. The bride told a local TV station:

“He was in his dress blues and he’s going to put his life on the line for these people and they won’t even offer us a room.”

I’m not sure what “dress blues” are, but I’m really hoping they are a a formal version of being down in the dumps. [Editor’s note: Jillian, if you had seen that one episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” with the military bride you would know that dress blues are formalwear for people in the military.] Jackie O. has probably had a case of the dress blues once or twice. But other than being in dress blues, the bride is right to be upset. Her husband is in the military and is being denied a hotel room on his wedding night. Something’s not right about that. Although the hotel has since apologized, I wonder if they’ve changed their 21-and-over policy.

Last week we asked you if you think there’s a right age to get married. Most of you said no, there’s no “right” or “wrong” age. But maybe society has unintentionally put a social stigma on young people getting married because of drinking age laws and other rules and policies dealing with age. Luckily, for the young couple, they were able to get a hotel (with a military discount too) at a Double Tree nearby. Unluckily, this is probably the first of many age-policy encounters this couple will face in the first few years of their marriage. Do you think the hotel should have handled the situation differently?