Open Thread: What Is The Best Male Name Of All Time?Last October, I wrote a piece detailing the male names that are inherently, invariably hot. You know, the names that just never do not belong to people you find attractive. Liam. Forrest. Nolan, Noel, Hunter. Naming your kid one of these is just destining him to be a total heartthrob (bonus points if you name your daughter one of those, because women with conventionally male names are also invariably cool, effortless and ridiculously attractive). And such is the way of the world.

Given that we were discussing Christina Aguilera‘s decision to name her kid something that sounds like a Bath & Body Works candle, I thought we could move onto a more positive note and talk about our favorite names for boys.

In addition to names I just plan find attractive, there are also ones that simply have a nice ring to them. I like Dillon, Scott, Joseph, Dustin…they’re all excellent names with nice rings to ’em. Honestly, provided you’re not naming your kid Hitler, Pepsi or Puppy, you’re probably not doing too poorly on the “titling of a human being” front.

So, what is your all-time favorite male name? Tell us in the comments! And if you feel like explaining, definitely explain–I’m sure the men with those names would love to know why they’re so lucky.

[UPDATE: Click here to see the definitive list of the most attractive guy names!]

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