I’m not talking about “sex by surprise,” that we all came to know of during the Julian Assange case and is actually rape, but sex that’s unexpected.

Scenario: You’re in bed next to your partner. You’re probably in the middle of some dream that you won’t remember the next day, when you realize you’re being touched. You wake up a bit, somewhat foggy on what’s going on when you realize you’re having sex! Or your partner has gone down on you and before you’re fully aware of it all, you’re having an orgasm! Surprise sex! Isn’t that a great way to wake up? An orgasm that requires zero effort is always a nice treat. Of course, if you fall asleep alone and this happens, we’re talking about something completely different. However, we’re not going to go there, because this post is about an act between two people that are in some sort of a relationship, even if it’s just fuck buddies.

But if you are being surprised by sex, even if it’s with someone whom you trust and care about, if you’ve been asleep you haven’t exactly consented to it. So is it still a treat or is it bordering on creepy?

As someone who loves it, and has been woken up by it on more than one occasion with men whom I’ve trusted and cared about, I think it’s pretty far from creepy. But I’m also quite sure that there might be some women out there who, if their fella, decided they wanted to do the deed while she’s dreaming about Adrien Brody, might be pissed off.

Where do you fall on the matter?

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