Those eyes. THOSE EYES!

I think I should point out that my knowledge about sports is pretty limited. I have a lot Red Sox gear that my father gave me because he feared I’d become a Yankees fan when I moved to New York City, I can name a handful of Sox players, some Yankees, and I know who Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants is because we’re both Londonderry, New Hampshire kids. L’town represent!

Of the Yankees, I know two of them by name: Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

From what I gathered over the last week or so, the Yankees were playing against the Detroit Tigers to make it to the World Series. All was going great until Jeter injured himself and A-Rod decided to focus on other things when he should have been up at bat hitting homers. It was during the ninth inning of last Saturday’s “crucial” game that he got distracted by a fan in the stands and decided it was an appropriate time to hit on her. Yes, A-Rod scored the number of a bikini model from the dugout. How’d he do it exactly? He passed a ball to her with a note on it, naturally, after obviously flirting with her while his fellow teammates struggled to keep the game alive.

The extra kicker in all this? A-ROD HAS A GIRLFRIEND. He’s been dating retired pro-wrestler Torrie Wilson for sometime and here he is hitting on fans from the fucking dugout! The nerve of this man and his beautiful eyes that melt my soul!

What do we think about this A-Rod character and his pick-up technique? Does he need a lesson in class or does he get some sort of pass because he’s a renowned playboy and that’s just his schtick? The man disappointed his fans all season and made himself look like a cheating asshole — dude needs to get his priorities straight.

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