This is the island kind of virgin.

In our sick, sad world there’s a lot of unnecessary emphasis on virginity, particularly female virginity. It’s unfortunate, but virginity is treasured as a virtue while sluttiness is shamed. Too bad, so sad for those creepers who weirdly prize virginity, you can’t tell if someone has had sex or not just by looking at them. A busted hymen doesn’t even mean anything!

Though you can’t spot a virgin using just your eyeballs, you can use imagery to imply virginity. Out of curiosity, I searched Shutterstock for the word “virgin” to see just what people think a virgin looks like. After all, stock photos are a particularly strange way to visually assess society. Some of the pictures were fully unsurprising (overly sexualized, women with flowers on their heads), while some made little sense (are blood halos a thing?). There are definitely a few common themes in many virgin stock photos.

See for yourself. Click through to check out some examples of what those who have fought the will to bone apparently look like.