mad men cheatingHaving cheated on someone is one of the worst feelings in the world. Sure, it’s not as bad as being cheated on, but it still feels totally and completely awful.

Here’s what it feels like to cheat on someone, in GIFs:

It never starts off innocently even if you convince yourself otherwise. You know you’re putting yourself in a tempting situation by hanging out with someone you’re attracted to, but you do it anyway. You’re just friends. 

You smugly think you’ll be strong enough to turn them down should anything happen. 

Maybe you just want to rub the fact that you’re seeing somebody in this person’s face. 

You want them to know, but there’s never a moment when you can naturally announce that you have a partner. So you don’t.

You’re having so much fun and it feels good to be talking to someone who isn’t the person you’re with

They’re totally into you and confirming that people outside of your relationship do indeed find you sexually alluring.

It feels wrong and bad and dangerous in all the best ways. It feels good to be bad (for now.)

One thing leads to another and you move to a second location. You know you shouldn’t go, but it’s like you’re being dragged by your own death drive. 

It’s getting late and you already feel horribly guilty. If your boyfriend or girlfriend knew you were hanging around this person alone, they’d be very upset. Good thing they’re totally in the dark. 

But you haven’t even done anything wrong. Not really. Not yet. 

You should go. You know that. This is totally inappropriate. Call it a night, you drunk jerk. 

You don’t go home. You feel like the worst person on Earth, like you might as well just screw this person in your lover’s bed or go on a killing spree. 

So you kiss them thereby confirming once and for all that you are actually the worst girl in the world.

It’s a great kiss.

Of course it goes beyond kissing because giving in sort of validates the kiss. You’re already a demon, so you might as well just go for it. 

The sex could be good or bad, but it doesn’t matter. As soon as it’s over you hate yourself. What have you done?

You really can’t be trusted. You’re the worst. How will you ever look at your real romantic companion in their sweet trusting face again?

You can’t stop going over all the opportunities you had to avoid being an absolute monster.   Your infidelity is all you can think about. 

Woe is you, as if you’re the one who was hurt. It’s all about you all the time. You you you you you. 

You can’t stop feeling guilty and selfish and duplicitous.  

Do you tell them?

You don’t tell them. Or you do. 

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