virginity lossI’m finding it very difficult to come up with topics today. It’s seems almost insensitive and frivolous to write about fashion and sex with the tragedy that took place this morning in Sandy Hook. My heart is literally broken for those children and their families, that trying to make sense of it is dominating my brain. But as a blogger, I have to move on to other topics, if only to briefly distract us. So let’s talk about music and virginity.

The loss of one’s virginity is, for most, a really big deal. Even before it happens you sort of envision this perfect scenario. I thought I’d lose it in a field of daisies somewhere and it would be to a Jordan Catalano clone. That, of course, didn’t happen. And I know I’ve mentioned a couple times, in passing, to what song I did lose it, but since it’s a horrible, absolutely dreadful song, I’m not going to bring it up again. It’s Friday; no one needs that in their head.

But whether or not it was planned, some people lose their virginity to a specific song. Either it was on the radio or they prepared for the big event in some silly Donna Martin finally beds David Silver sort of way. (Wasn’t she wearing some hideous white lingerie, too? But I digress.)

So, ladies, care to share what song you lost your virginity to? I’m really hoping someone lost it to Nickelback so I can make fun of you forever.


Photo: Datingish