I like to refer to it as “wolverine make loving” but you can go either way. According to the NY Times (or, in this instance, the sassy and hilarious New York Times) Tim Ferriss’ new self-help book, The 4-Hour Body, will teach you to have sex after you:

Eat 4 Brazil nuts, 20 raw almonds and 2 capsules of fermented cod-liver oil and butterfat four hours before intercourse. Mr. Ferriss used a hormone-slash-drug called human chorionic gonadotropin and more than tripled his semen volume. “Happy days,” he writes.

Or you could just have sex with wolverines. If you had to choose between Tim Ferris sex and wolverine sex, which would you choose? I am genuinely not sure because I think I’m unable to separate “wolverine the beast” from “wolverine played by Hugh Jackman.”