newlyweds ed burns movie

Have you seen Newlyweds yet? It’s the new Ed Burns movie, and it’s also available On Demand. Normally we only write about movies to make fun of them, but we actually really liked this (way to go, Ed Burns! We know you were only in this movie-making thing for our approval). Ed Burns claimed that the movie was inspired when he asked his Twitter followers:

‘What are the stories that happened to you guys, let’s say, in the first three months of your marriage or in the honeymoon period, that caused your biggest fight?’ And nine out of 10 people tweeted stories that had to do with their families.”

The movie deals with the issues that result when a new husband’s estranged sister comes to visit, at the same time his wife’s sister is divorcing her husband. This is what we learned about family issues. Oh, and here’s the trailer: