Good news! No matter how you cross your legs, 1970’s men have come up with a plan to seduce you!

I guess I can apprecaite the Cosmopolitan magazine-like scheming that went into this,a nd for a moment I thought “ah, yes, I’m a conformist! Sure, that seems accurate.” Then I remembered that I am sitting that way because I pulled a muscle in my leg, and that’s not actually connected to personality traits.

Whatever. I want to see the perfectionist figure out how she’s going to ride that Vespa. It’s going to be really beautifully done, I bet.

Meanwhile, the only real personality trait I can derive from this woman in the red dress is “understandably, she does not want her crotch to show.” But I think that has more to do with the protective way she’s clutching that purse than anything regarding her legs, except, “legs, she has them, and a crotch above them.”There really is no other way to hold your legs when you’re walking down a flight of stairs.

Also, I’m now afraid of putting my legs in the social worker postion for fear of giving people the wrong impression. I will, however, be hitting up everyone who sits that way for favors.

Pics via Retronaut