We assume that almost all TheGloss readers are loyal and faithful in a way that puts puppies to shame. But we recently read this study on where men are most likely to cheat. Those places are:

  • Wedding: 32 percent
  • Bachelor party: 27 percent
  • Office Christmas party: 21 percent
  • School reunion: 9 percent

The writer concludes:

So what is the answer? Here’s what: Don’t let your man go alone to a wedding! Seriously. Even if you totally trust your man, like I do. At my own wedding, there were more illicit hookups than one can even imagine. Though I won’t reveal names, I wasn’t all that thrilled with most of them.

Remove the temptation. Trust me on this.

Hahaha, she’s joking. Oh. No. She isn’t! Well, never mind that, then. Though presumably if men are cheating left and right at weddings, some women might be cheating at them as well. I mean, we would hold out for a ball at St. Petersburg where we met Vronsky and saw his shiny, shiny teeth (hah, no we wouldn’t, boyfriends, JUST KIDDING) but in the event that you were to cheat, would it be at one of those places? Have you cheated? When? Tell us about it in exciting detail!