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Dating may not be for the faint of heart, but is it for the fickle? In New York City, apparently that answer is “yes.” According to dating site, the absolute pickiest daters in the United States are named Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna and That Other Girl With The Famous Dad.

AYI gathered data on over 453,000 interactions involving women ages 18 to 99 to determine who were most and least likely to respond to the messages of prospectives dates. Their findings? Women in Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Los Angeles are all very selective. And the most picky of all? Women from Brooklyn.

That’s right: apparently, the same borough that brought you small penis contests and a ban on hipster glasses (as well as actual cultural contributions throughout history, obviously) also is home to the most selective folks in the dating pool. This is curious, given that there are many more women than men in Brooklyn. They’re the least likely to respond, presumably because they are sick of receiving poorly quoted Built To Spill lyrics with only mild relevance to their actual romantic situations.

So, where are people less selective than a bunch of jerks who jump around to Robin? (I’m kidding, I’ve done that like 10 times.) Females from Miami, St Louis, Las Vegas and Portland, Oregon are all significantly more open to responding to prospective dates. Perhaps because those cities don’t attract quite so many people like this:


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