OK, “sanity” is a stretch for those of us who are missing the “sanity” gene. Not I, of course. I not only play with a full deck of cards, but three other decks too. That’s how sane I am!

As we covered yesterday, breaking up is one of the hardest things in the world. Whether it’s a lover, significant other or a friend, the whole process is so detrimental to your soul that sometimes you can’t help but think you’re losing your mind because of it. I have always believed that a rebound is just the thing to keep you acting at least relatively sane and out of trouble. Perhaps, a rebound won’t stop you from standing outside your ex’s bedroom window every night playing that Gotye song I just discovered and I have become surprisingly obsessed with, but at least you won’t be pulling that shit every night — just two to three nights a week tops. And that’s an OK amount if your heart has been put through the ringer.

So when you’ve picked yourself up off the floor, removed your heart from your sleeve (which you should have never had there in the first place), go looking for a rebound. Everyone you’ll ever meet in your life will serve a purpose even if you don’t know what it is until after the fact. A rebound is the one who’s going to help you get over that person who was stupid enough to let you go without a fight.


Photo: someecards