I mean, seemingly yes.

There are some places I go where I don’t expect to see men. My pilates class. The manicurist’s. The yogurt aisle of the grocery store. That’s because I know all men are inflexible nail biters who hate protein. And that’s fine! But I do marvel that I almost never see men at brunch.

Which is weird, because it seems like brunch combines a lot of things my male friends would like. Like drinking before noon. I mean, my dude friends pretty much cheer when Roger Sterling says things like “drink up! It’s almost 9:30!” but they don’t do so on a daily basis because…. I don’t know. Rules? Society? The fact that we’re living in the end-times? None of those things apply on Sunday at the Brunch Cafe! On Sunday at the Brunch Cafe they just slap a pitcher of bellinis in front of you and say “Here. Drink. Drink hard.”

I know what you’re thinking – men don’t go because bellinis aren’t manly.

Here is a solution: they can order scotch instead. Or a beer.

Oh, and here is something else men like – women sitting around in large packs, drinking bellinis. Brunch is like ladies night at bars, except women actually go, and pay to be there. Also, they are in a good mood, because no one has ever eaten chocolate french toast and been in a bad mood.

Basically, I don’t understand why dudes don’t love brunch like kids love bubble wrap. They should be there. They should be there in packs.

What? Is it that the game is on? Is that it? Or is it just that men don’t like to get up early? Or is it because they all hate things that are delicious?

I genuinely don’t know. Do you ever get your male friends out to brunch? Or see dudes when you go out? Maybe I’m just going to the wrong brunch place.

In conclusion, breakfast nachos are delicious.