Yesterday, several explicit photos rumored to be of pop star Ke$ha hit the internet. One of the photos is of a guy performing oral sex on a woman. Since we can’t see the woman’s face (or any part of her body except her ladybits and thighs), it’s going to be pretty hard to identify her, but since the man in the photo is also pictured kissing Ke$ha in other images from the same series, that lends evidence that the vulva in question might belong to her. While I don’t really care for Ke$ha’s image or her music, I really hope that the woman in the picture is her. And here’s why.

Plenty of other female musicians have had sex tapes or naked images of themselves released, including Rihanna, Cassie, and (just last week) Christina Aguilera. In most of the cases, though, the pictures are simply of the woman naked. There have also been plenty of female celebrity sex tapes (Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton) that feature the woman going down on the guy, but not necessarily the other way around. If we still have to shame or exploit female celebrities by selling naked pictures of them, we might as well let them get some head in the process. If we’re going to continue sexualizing famous women, we might as well sexualize them in a way that lets them have an orgasm. And, in the words of Cassie, “Now stop acting like you haven’t seen a titty before.”