Dating is tough. It’s awkward, confusing, and honestly – has anybody ever found the perfect answer to “where do you go to meet someone these days?”

We trust our friends to set us up with someone they think we’ll be interested in, but most of the time it’s simply not a good fit. It’s not like we’re incredibly picky, but sometimes it’s just extremely difficult to hit it off with someone. General attraction obviously plays a role in whether or not you are into somebody, but for me, mannerisms, style, and personality play an even bigger part. Have you ever seen a guy who is pretty cute/handsome/what have you, but as soon as you start talking to him, your lady boner goes completely limp?  The way a person moves, acts and jokes around is a huge factor to whether or not I find them attractive. (And whether or not they wear running sneakers with jeans because if they wear running sneakers with jeans I’m sorry, but I am immediately not attracted to them.)

So wouldn’t it be great if you could see how a potential date acts before actually going out with them? I haven’t seen many dating sites with this option, but a UK based online dating service, gives you the ability to create a video profile in addition to a bunch of other awesome services. Although originally started in the UK, WeLoveDates is making its way to the US starting with LA, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Finally, now we can see our matches’ mannerisms, hear their voices, and check out their overall vibe via their video profile. Nice job, WeLoveDates.

So, what I’m trying to tell you is…you should get your webcam out, make a profile, and start perusing for potential mates.

What are you waiting for? Get on that.

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