A trending topic on Twitter today (on and off) has been #sheowemesexif. Now, let’s talk. Nobody should owe anybody sex. Besides the obvious reasons that owing somebody sex is wrong, inadvisable, insane, antiquated and offensive, it’s really only appropriate if you hire a sex worker to have sex with you and you paid before he or she followed through with his or her duties. This is not the first time a trending topic has surrounded a sexist issue. And people of the Twitter have done it again by managing to come up with reasons when it is somehow appropriate for a woman to owe a man sex.

1.) #SheOweMeSexIf her kids ride in my car

Well, no. If you are the father of her kids, she owes you nothing. If you are not, you owe it to her to prove that chivalry isn’t dead.

2.) #SheOweMeSexIf she come to my house with no panties on

Again, no. She’s probably just delivering pizza and it’s laundry day. She owes you nothing.

3.) #sheowemesexif If her fridge consist of kool aid & hot pockets

Nope. You owe it to her to say please when you ask for that Kool Aid and those hot pockets because you know you want some.

4.) #sheowemesexif she drink 4loko out a champagne glass

No. She’s just trying to have a good time, and be classy. Owing you sex would be the opposite of that.

5.) #SheOweMeSexIf one of her legs is shorter than the other & she walks wit a hop

Heck no. You’re a discriminatory pig.

6.) #sheowemesexif her first name is Obamanisha

No chance. First of all, that is an AWESOME name. You don’t deserve her.

7.) #SheOweMeSexIf she’s saved in my phone by the place I met her “Carol Burger King”

Definitely not. You’re picking up girls at a Burger King.

8.) #SheOweMeSexIf I gotta turn the music down and be quiet when her man call

Nah. She just owes you an apology for using you to slowly break that other man’s heart.

9.) #sheowemesexif I take her out to dinner and dancing!!!!!!

She doesn’t, but sounds like a great date!

10.) #sheowemesexif she ate the last McNugget