Swingers Party

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that most, if not all, people prefer to be filled in on any sexual activity that could potentially involve them. And an activity that is arguably one of the most important to discuss with your partner beforehand: a threesome. Or, rather, any type of sexual interaction with people other than your partner. Unfortunately, Officer Frankie Salazar and his friend Jesus Edward Guitron may not share these opinions–and the resulting situation had a violent ending.

Hoping to spice up their marriages, Salazar, 29, and Guitron, 33, allegedly opted to do a little “wife swap.” After all, what could get complicated between two (presumably) monogamous couples who happen to be friends having sex with each other’s partners? But in addition to this rather emotionally optimistic idea, Salazar and Guitron also reportedly decided it would be fun to simply not tell their partners about the wife swap. Just…didn’t tell ’em.

Guitron brought his partner to Salazar’s home over the weekend for drinks. And that’s when things got weird, My San Antonio reports:

When the witness went to the bedroom, Salazar walked in behind her and started kissing her, according to the report.

The woman told police she “didn’t feel right” and wanted to back out of the plan, so she pushed Salazar away.

Another woman, 29, then walked in and became upset with Salazar for not telling her what he was planning, according to the report.

Uh, of f’ing course she was upset–she had a swingers party thrust upon her. Now, while some surprise parties are good, such as birthday parties and goodbye parties and “get well soon” parties, there are also types of celebrations that everybody needs to be filled in on first. Those elicit this reaction:

While the type that involves people jumping out and yelling, “SURPRISE, WIFE SWAP!” tend to garner results more along these lines:

After the woman became upset, a fistfight broke out between the two men, during which Salazar reportedly told his companion to get his gun. Upon returning to find Salazar in a choke hold by Guitron, the woman allegedly shot at the latter, which she told police was “just to scare him” (then later told police she did not recall if she had shot the gun). Salazar allegedly shot Guitron three more times. Fortunately, Guitron survived and is in stable condition now.

Obviously, I am not saying any form of violence is justifiable in this situation just because these men made a terrible decision while attempting this sexual exchange with unwilling partners. But in general, it is always integral to inform all parties involved regarding any sexual plans. That whole “consent” thing and the “respect” thing–they’re both rather conducive to maintaining a healthy sexual environment. Sneaking up on somebody with a “plan” like this is just unreasonably douchey.

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