Around 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, so how can newlyweds make their love last?

Soon after their 2008 wedding, Mike and Alanna Clear wondered which half of the statistic they would fall into. To find out, the London-based pair devised an endurance challenge: They would undergo scientific compatibility tests, quit their advertising jobs and embark on an eight-month motorcycle journey from Alaska to Argentina, interviewing long-term couples for their documentary, “Going the Distance.”

“The question is why didn’t we do these tests before the wedding?” says Alanna.

The couple, who traversed the Pan-American Highway, first met with Dr. Helen Fisher, a professor and anthropologist who specializes in love. Their brains were scanned for activity in three core systems that Fisher theorizes determine mating success: lust, romantic attraction and attachment.

Next they visited Dr. John Gottman, a psychologist who claims to be able to predict which couples will last with 90 percent accuracy. At the Gottman Relationship Institute, the Clears saw a therapist and underwent a day of questionnaires, tests, simulated arguments and individual interviews.

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