willow smith moises arias shirtless instagram picture

Willow Smith is in the news the morning for appearing in an Instagram photo with Disney veteran Moises Arias–he’s shirtless and 20, she’s 13, and they’re lying in bed. Well, he’s sort of sitting up looking pensive while she lies in bed, but hey, he’s not wearing a shirt and the whole thing looks a tad…questionable. I’m not one to get all “BUT THE CHILDREN,” but let’s do our best to remember that Smith is an actual child, and she looks very, very small in this photo.

To be clear, Smith is fully clothed and they aren’t spooning or anything, but if I were a (probably awful) parent, I would be pretty uncomfortable with the idea of my 13-year-old spending time around shirtless 20-year-olds. In beds. Beds are the sexiest place you can be shirtless, and so, something isn’t right here.

If this is completely innocuous, I have two questions:

  1. What does a 20-year-old talk to a 13-year-old about, if they’re just friends? I understand that being a celebrity, Smith probably grew up a lot faster than I did, but I can’t imagine that two people at those ages have much in common. Or if they do, that’s a problem.
  2. How did Arias end up shirtless? They were just having a super normal friend conversation about things that both 20-year-olds and 13-year-olds understand, and he was like “Hey Willow, would it be cool if I took my shirt off real quick? You know I run hot.”

Unless these people are really bizarre and set up this scene with a self timer, it was obviously taken by a third party, so we can all probably dial back the outrage on the two being alone together. Still, the fact that Arias has since deleted the photo is bizarre, because if nothing’s amiss, there’s nothing to hide, right?

Then again, I have seen Will Smith‘s movies, and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that anything improprietous was going on, either. If people were talking about me being too old to get shirtless with Smith’s daughter, I’d probably delete the photo, change my name, leave the country, and start a new life off the grid. Godspeed, Moises.

Photo: Instagram