When you’re home alone and you hear a creak, you know it’s obviously just the building settling or a squirrel on the roof. But what if it wasn’t? What if somebody’s in your house? What if it’s a goddamned ghost? Last Saturday, a woman started hearing noises — and it wasn’t the house or squirrels (or Casper).

Tracy, a Rock Hill South Carolina resident, started hearing noises at night. Not only were there thumping sounds from above her bedroom, nails started popping out all over her bed, like “bing, bing, bing.” According to the Charlotte Observer, she thought there must be “some poltergeist stuff going on.” If I were her, I undoubtedly would’ve ran wailing from that house and into the arms of my cop next door neighbor.

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But being a mother of 5, Tracy decided to investigate. Assuming it was an animal, she sent her adult sons and nephew up to the attic, where they were greeted by her ex-boyfriend with whom Tracy had broken up twelve years before.

“He had packed all the old coats and jackets into the heating unit and was sleeping in the heating unit” and was apparently using Sonic 44 cups for his, er, bathroom amenities. Before police were able to apprehend him, the man ran out of the house.

She told WNC that her ex had sent her letters throughout his time in prison claiming that he had changed and asking for reconciliation, but Tracy had never considered getting back together. It had only been two weeks since being release from his most recent stint in prison (which was for stealing her truck) when he was discovered hiding in her attic.

One of the most terrifying details: the only way to get up to the attic is through a hallway connecting her children’s rooms. Her kids are now understandably afraid to sleep in their own rooms. They also then realized that the man had rigged the ceiling vent in order to stare down at her bedroom.

And if all that wasn’t nightmarish enough, as of now, the man is still at large. Where is Antoine Dodsen when you need him to sound an alarm?

Ah, there he is.

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