woman steals sperm expects child support

So, I guess Liz Jones was right, women are just stealing sperm left and right.

I mean, on the upside, it is not actually Liz Jones stealing the sperm. so I guess sanity prevailed in her case. But not in this one! Our sister site, Mommyish, reports:

A woman [Anetria] allegedly stole her now ex-boyfriend’s [Pressil] sperm from a used condom and then used it to impregnate herself with twins through IVF. She then went ahead and sued her ex for child support– and won! The baffled ex, meanwhile, is suing the fertility clinic that performed the procedure without his knowledge.

That seems incredibly logical. If a lover stole my lady parts and used them to make a child without my knowledge and then tried to make me pay for it, I’d sue them too. And by “them” I mean “the entire world” because by that point I would have entered a nightmare-world of Hellish lunacy anyway, and I guess that would be how I’d occupy my time there. However, Mommyish does point out that:

It’s not as if Pressil is the only victim here. In February, he was charged for allegedly assaulting Anetria. According to her affidavit, the alleged incident took place when she found a text from one of Pressil’s “lady friends,” along with “obscene, nude” picture from her and other women. She claims she tried to kick him out of the house but that he punched her, chocked her and then dragged her across the room.

I hate this kind of mention because in any other situation, I would feel sympathy for Anetria. And I do, but I also think that she is a manipulative monster. So, that’s difficult, then.

Let’s just all cross our fingers and hope that the kid ends up okay.