What would you do if you married a seemingly virile fellow, only to find out he was unable to meet any of your womanly needs? This is a real concern in places like Dubai, where a sexually conservative culture dictates many people do not so much as peek under the hood until they’re already married. The Hindustan Times reports one Dubai woman has grown proactive on the issue, not only divorcing her limp-dicked husband, but suing him for 10.99 million dollars. Looks like she might just fuck him yet:

“‘Considering the conservative Arab values, and the woman’s situation in such a society, I remained silent and tried to adapt by praying to God that things would improve,’ she said.

The husband forced her out of her employment and stripped her of her jewellery, she alleged.”

This guy gave her the cold shoulder, made her quit her job, and took away her good jewelry? That’s like several different types of bad husband, combined to form one super-bad one. Life without sex and work is one thing, but if you can’t cheer yourself up by playing with your shiny baubles (heh), what do you have left? Suing the guy might seem a tad absurd, but many cultures (including our own) value sexual consummation and the resulting children as a central feature of marriage, so she might actually have a case. I hope our feisty friend gets compensated for all of her suffering, and then goes out and finds a stand-up guy who will let her have all the jobs, sexual attention, and jewels she desires. In the meantime, someone should really direct her to Babeland.com. It’s cheaper than suing someone, but equally satisfying.

(Via Jezebel)